Helen Foster Design
Woodland Stencils
Sizes show height followed by length. The length indicates the size of
one stencil repeat including the small space to where the next repeat begins.
Some stencils contain more than one repeat.

Actual stencil images are show below. Scroll down to order.

#21 Landscape Frieze: 10" x 24"; 12" x 24" with top and bottom border.

#17 Pine Frieze: 9" x 20"

#18 Pine Border: 5" x 23"

#19 Scenic Border: 7" x 16"

#20 Spirit of the Woods: 10" x 20"

Unless noted otherwise, Helen Foster Stencils consist of a single plate, laser-cut from a flexible polyester film and can be colored with either acrylic (latex) or oil-base paints. Stencils include instructions and are marked with registration holes for accurate alignment.

Helen Foster Stencils are manufactured in the USA.
Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
Landscape Frieze Stencil
this is a 3 ply stencil
 10" x 24" $68.00  *
Pine Frieze Stencil  9" x 20" $44.00  *
Pine Border Stencil  5" x 23" $36.00  *
Scenic Border Stencil  7" x 16" $34.00  *
Spirit of the Woods Stencil  10" x 20" $42.00  *
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* There is a $7 Shipping Charge per Stencil Order.