Chessie Compotes by Fenton Art Glass
Anthony Rosena of Fenton Art Glass Company of Williamstown WV designed the Chessie Compote which was produced in late 1970 at the request of Cyrus Eaton (1883-1979), then Chairman of the Board of the Chesapeake & Ohion Railway. Featuring the C&O's distinctive sleeping cat trademark, Mr Eaton used them as gifts sending them worldwide to heads of state, his business friends and also to friends of the railway. C&O employees loved them, so more were produced and the 1970 Dark Carnival Glass Compote became the first of a series. The Chessie Compotes were produced irregularly until Fenton, after 105 years, ceased traditional art glass production in late 2011. The last two Chessie compotes were C&OHS (Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society) Limited Editions. Most editions are hallmarked and starting in 1995 some were produced specifically for the C&OHS. Earlier editions were produced for the Fenton Gift Shop and some were produced for QVC.

This collection includes 18 pieces shown L to R below:

Of the known production, only the 1998 Topaz is missing.

We prefer to sell the collection complete as shown.

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