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1) Quaint Furniture 1912 Catalog

This large catalog reprint features hundreds of half-tone photographs of mission furniture manufactured by the Stickley Brothers Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The catalog includes thirteen pages of Quaint Furniture figured in mahogany and the original 1912 price list. The book includes a scholarly Introduction by Don Marek and Richard Weiderman recounting the history of the Stickley Brothers Company, illustrated with rare photographs and illustrations from the archives of the Grand Rapids Public Library and private collections. Softcover 96 pp, see below to order.

2) Quaint Furniture Catalog No. 42

This extensive catalog was issued to the trade in 1914. It contains half-tone photos of more than 700 forms, most not appearing in other reprinted catalogs. This catalog includes Stickley Brothers mission furniture with caned surfaces as well as some forms in the “barley twist” and Jacobean styles. Also featured are some rare Stickley Brothers lamps. The book includes an in-depth Introduction by Grand Rapids authority Don Marek that, among other points, identifies the company’s leading furniture designers and discusses the sources and influences of their contributions. Softcover 128 pp, see below to order.

3) Quaint Furniture 1906 (Stickley Brothers Company)

This 130-page book is a faithful reprint of this prolific company's Catalogue No. 28 published in January 1906. It shows the company's full line of mission furniture in oak, mahogany and walnut as of that date, including some forms not seen in other catalogues. Catalogue No. 28 was the company's first catalogue to use half-tone photos instead of line drawings to illustrate its furniture. Also reprinted in the book is the original January 1906 price list that accompanies the catalog. Softcover, 130 pp, see below to order.

4) Stickley Brothers of Grand Rapids

Collected in this book are edited versions of four catalogs depicting furniture and metalwork of the Stickley Brothers Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This company began manufacturing furniture in 1892, and was soon a leader in manufacturing the extremely popular “mission” style of furniture. Stickley Brothers’ contributions can be seen in the sophisticated designs and sketches of room settings presented in the Arts and Crafts decorative style. This book features furniture with wood and metal inlay and hand-wrought copper detailing, and elaborately crafted lighting fixtures and other accessories for complete interiors. Early in its history, the company adopted the “Quaint” trademark; thus Stickley Brothers furniture is often referred to as “Quaint Furniture”. This book is one of several excellent catalog reprints that document this company’s extraordinary variety of quality mission furniture. Softcover 144 pp, see below to order.

5) Quaint Furniture Arts & Crafts

Grand Rapids, Michigan was a furniture manufacturing center long before George and Albert Stickley moved there in 1891. The work of Gustav Stickley’s two younger brothers clearly shows his influence. This facsimile of a 1908 catalog, however, depicts some original and noteworthy designs. The book also pictures lighting fixtures and hammered copper objects for utility and decoration. The style numbers, dimensions, and text in this book are invaluable for collectors and dealers in identifying and under- standing this company’s early designs and production. Softcover 88 pp, see below to order.

6) Quaint Furniture 1908 (Stickley Brothers Company)

A companion to the 1906 Quaint Furniture catalogue, this 144-page reproduction of the Stickley Brothers Company's Catalogue No. 30 illustrates over 150 forms of mission furniture not pictured in the 1906 catalogue, including several mission-style pieces offered only in natural walnut. As the company stated in the catalogue's introduction, "In the following pages we illustrate an assortment so complete as to cover all requirements for a home in this justly popular school of design. We are prepared to furnish throughout, a Hall, Den Library, Dining Room, Bed Room, Living Room, Office, Club, Cafe, Tap Room, etc., and we respectfully request a careful examination of this catalog." Softcover, 144 pp., see below to order.
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3) Quaint Furniture 1906 Catalog (Stickley Brother Company)   $20.00  *
4) Stickley Brothers of Grand Rapids   $20.00  *
5) Quaint Furniture Arts & Crafts   $10.00  *
6) Quaint Furniture 1908 (Stickley Brothers Company)   $20.00  *
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