Motawi Dard Hunter Design Trio Tiles
Click here to view a larger picture Over the years Motawi has introduced a plethora of tiles in many colorways.

The total combination becomes an overwhelming inventory problem as designs come and go while colorways change even more. It’s almost an impossible task to keep current with all the annual design and colorway changes.

For 2016 we noticed a new favorite Motawi colorway: Olive!

We sell our Motawi Tiles framed in Dard Hunter’s quarter-sawn oak frames. Dard never misses the opportunity to attractively combine three or more tiles in a single frame and he has done just that using this colorway.

So now this framed triple tile combination is going to be a best seller.

BUT just as certain is next year the designs and colorways will change.

Motawi Tile are made in Michigan, framed in Dard Hunter's quarter-sawn Legacy oak frames and are shipped from Ohio.
Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
Triple 4" x 8" framed Dard Hunter Designs Set -Olive
Bell Flower/Little Journeys/Checker Pot Rose
 18 1/2" x 13 1/2" $300.00  $20.00
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