Laura Wilder
Poster Prints
Click here to view a larger picture Laura Wilder is an enthusiastic artist whose style fits perfectly into the aesthetic of the Arts & Crafts movement original and rekindled.

Originally a typical college art major, she first worked as a commercial illustrator and graphic artist. At some point she was exposed to the work of the masters of the Arts & Crafts movement and she was stunned and exhilarated she had found an aesthetic that fit her personal style.

So she struck out on her own producing a series of block prints depicting "Artisans at Work," the first of which was modeled after Janice McDuffie who owns a pottery in East Aurora near the Roycroft campus. Soon she was drawn into the Roycroft Renaissance movement and Laura is now a Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan.

Laura became acquainted with Fair Oak Workshops when we approached her about creating a seasonal block print series inspired by the Dard Hunter illustration on the title page of Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle published by the Roycrofters in 1905. That project was very successful and a few prints remain available directly from Laura.

Laura practices in more than one medium. Besides paintings which she reproduces via giclee, from time to time she does block prints, serigraphs and in this instance paintings contributed to a charity auction with reproductions sold as poster prints.

All of Laura's poster prints are signed and are not available framed.
Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
Susan B Anthony House Lithograph Print
a Limited Edition
 15 1/4" x 19" $34.00  ---
Eat Green Giclee Print
Open Edition
 12" x 16" $34.00  ---
The Finger Lakes Lithograph Print
Open Edition
 11" x 17" $25.50  ---
Four Seasons Giclee Print
Open Edition
 16" x 12" $34.00  ---
Lamberton Conservatory Giclee Print
Open Edition
 16" x 20" $42.50  ---
Letchworth Giclee Print
Open Edition
 12" x 16" $34.00  ---
Roycroft Campus Lithograph Print
a Limited Edition
 20" x 16" $34.00  ---
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