New Mission Workshop
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Meet our new craftsman Patrick Ashley.

Patrick founded New Mission Workshop in 2000 and has been producing high quality clocks and furniture pieces adhering to the principles of the Arts & Crafts aesthetic in both design and craftsmanship. You can tell he has an eye for Arts & Crafts design because it is hidden somewhere in his passion for new designs.

Patrick was first introduced to wood working in high school. Looking for a genre to work in, he chose Arts & Crafts for its simplicity. That choice continues to this day because Patrick believes in the theory the simplest design in which nothing is superfluous is also the best design.

Located in upstate New York, Patrick’s mentor is William Keyser, renowned Professor Emeritus, School for American Crafts, Rochester Institute of Technology.

Here are 2 of his popular clocks, see below.

Be sure to visit his Accessory Furniture shop; an option on the previous page.

1) Patrick’s signature Ashley Craftsman Clock #2

18” tall crafted of cherry, walnut, walnut burl, ebony and paduak with a satin polyurethane and waxed finish.
Features a copper etched face.
Battery operated quartz movement with a brass pendulum.
The tile insert is by Motawi Tileworks.
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2) The NEW Arches Thrice Clock

8.5” tall and can be crafted in walnut (above left) or cherry (above right) finished with a satin polyurethane and waxed finish.
The face is a giclee printed custom design signed New Mission Workshops Pittsford, NY.
Battery operated quartz movement.
The tile insert is sculpted oak leaves and acorn Permastone painted copper tone.
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NOTE: Patrick crafts clocks to the order and a 25% deposit is required. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
1 Ashley Craftsman Clock #2  18" t x 15" w x 8" d $675.00  *
2W Arches Thrice Clock in Walnut  8.5"t x 8.25"w x 4.75"d $295.00  *
2C Arches Thrice Clock in Cherry  8.5"t x 8.25"w x 4.75"d $295.00  *
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* There is a $40 packing & shipping charge for Signature Required FedEx delivery