Louis Sullivan
Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room
Stencil Prints
Click here to view a larger picture The Chicago Stock Exchange Building designed by Adler & Sullivan was erected in 1893-4 at the corner of LaSalle and Washington Streets in what is now Chicago's Loop. The building was 13 stories tall and was built for a little over a million dollars.

Innovative in design, the building featured a large almost two story high room on the second floor which became the Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room. Using the new steel framing design of early skyscrapers, this room was unobstructed except for four support columns. The steel structure of the ceiling rested on the four columns which in turn supported the upper floors of the building.

The walls and steel ceiling structure were covered with plaster which in turn was decorated with stenciled canvas applied like wallpaper. The stencils were rich in color and complex in design. Seven of 15 designs are publicly documented which range from a frieze above mahogany paneled walls to wallpaper covering truss, beam and ceiling coffers.

Our Stencil Prints are inspired by two of those stencils as illustrated above. Shown on the left is the original location of our Truss Frieze Stencil; on the right is the original location of our Upper Beam Stencil.

Our graphic artist, Russ Billington (shown above at right doodling as usual), created the digital files which are used to print the designs using an ultra high resolution museum quality giclee printing process. The canvas is 100% cotton which is then sealed with a nice matte finish. The canvas is then stretch mounted on a frame for the gallery wrap or framed like a print in quarter-sawn by Dard Hunter Studios.

Our remastered Truss Frieze Stencil shown below framed and in a gallery wrap* (now in two sizes) has a palette of 34 colors. Because it is redrawn on a computer, the misalignments of hand cut stencils are corrected creating a perfect image repeat.

Our Upper Beam Stencil shown below has a palette of 18 colors that were interpreted from an original in our collection. Again, having been remastered on a computer, the design repeats are precise.

Do note the Truss Frieze Stencil Print is a vertical image while the Upper Beam Stencil Print can be viewed horizontal or vertical. The two framed Sullivan Stencil Prints are identical in size and would make excellent companions. When ordering the pair, please specify how the Upper Beam Stencil will be hung; horizontal or vertical. The pair can be shipped together for the single $25 shipping charge.

*The gallery wrap Truss Frieze Stencil Print (now available in two sizes, see below) has the image wrapped around the stretchers so it can be hung as is without a frame. This is particularly suitable for mid-Century Modern or Contemporary decor.

The smaller size gallery wrap is now also available as a framed print, see below.

Our Sullivan giclee prints are printed, framed, gallery wrapped and shipped from Ohio USA.

Please Note: The Fair Oak Workshops 'watermarks' shown on the images above and below are not on the finished prints. These 'watermarks' are used on the website only to discourage making copies.
Picture Name  Size   Quantity  Price   Additional
Louis Sullivan CSE Trading Room
framed Truss Frieze Stencil vertical
 41.5" x 20.5" framed $335.00  $25.00
Louis Sullivan CSE Trading Room
framed Upper Beam Stencil vertical
 41.5" x 20.5" framed $335.00  $25.00
Louis Sullivan CSE Trading Room
framed Upper Beam Stencil horizontal
 20.5" x 41.5" framed $335.00  $25.00
We have 2
Large Louis Sullivan CSE Trading Room
gallery wrap Truss Frieze Stencil
 40" h x 36" w $640.00  $25.00
We have 3
Small Louis Sullivan CSE Trading Room
Framed Truss Frieze Stencil
 24" h x 22" w $260.00  $20.00
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